Roads, rivers, and skies – H2 View Mobility Snap Summit preview

H2 View’s Mobility Snap Summit is set to go live on November 29, 2022, delving into arguably one of the most anticipated and relatable applications for hydrogen.

Despite coming as a constant hot topic for hydrogen markets, and considerable progress having been made in 2022, with bright spots ahead in 2023 and beyond, clear speed bumps lie along the road. Many wonder which strand of the transport sector will blaze the trail first, and likewise which region.

Questions linger over policy and the implementation of hydrogen-powered transport, with the age-old infrastructure challenges remaining well established. Against this backdrop, the Snap Summit hopes to unearth the progress made, dissecting challenges to be met, and establishing the state-of-play across mobility as 2023 approaches. Kicking off at 10am GMT (11am CET, 6am ET), three immersive panel sessions, held via the interactive gasworld TV platform, will host leading figures across the hydrogen mobility sector.

Session One – Mobility across roads, rivers & skies

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