Rosatom, EDF to cooperate on decarbonising industrial and mobility sectors

Rosatom, EDF to cooperate on decarbonising industrial and mobility sectors

A new strategic cooperation agreement signed Monday (26th April), between Rosatom and EDF Group, will help decarbonise the mobility and industrial sectors with new initiatives aimed at developing hydrogen in both Russia and Europe.

In addition to this, research and development cooperation is anticipated on new carbon-neutral hydrogen technologies that will help combat global warming.

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Hydrogen energy has been identified as one of Rosatom’s research and development priorities viewing the nuclear industry as having great technological and scientific potential in developing hydrogen production.

This can be achieved through both electrolysis, one of the most environmentally friendly production methods, and from methane conversion with associated carbon capture and storage technologies.

Rosatom has stated its ambition to produce and store decarbonised hydrogen and take part in pilot projects in Russia as well as around the world to support international decarbonisation strategies.

EDF strengthened its own commitment to the energy transition by creating Hynamics in 2019, a subsidiary aimed at making EDF a key player in the low-carbon and renewable hydrogen sector in France and internationally.

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Kirill Komarov, First Deputy Director General for Corporate Development and International Business at Rosatom, said, “We believe in the future of hydrogen as an energy source and in Russia’s strong export potential in this field – especially considering its rich natural resources, technologies, industries and energy sector.

“Rosatom systematically develops carbon-free energy generation, and our projects aren’t limited by our extensive capacity in nuclear. We are ready to become one of the key players in the emerging global hydrogen production, transport and consumption market.

“In the context of global decarbonisation goals, hydrogen as an energy source is an issue of major importance for international cooperation.”

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