Schlumberger New Energy, EnerVenue to present metal-hydrogen stationary storage solutions to the market

Schlumberger New Energy, EnerVenue to present metal-hydrogen stationary storage solutions to the market

With an urgent need to expand energy storage solutions for the evolution of the energy vector, Schlumberger New Energy and EnerVenue will explore metal-hydrogen stationary storage solutions.

Revealed today (Sept 8), the collaboration will see Schlumberger invest in and deploy EnerVenue’s unique nickel-hydrogen battery technology to enhance the clean energy revolution.

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The two companies have identified a gap in the market for stationary storage solutions and will look to provide one that is cost-effective, sustainable and reliable for clean energy.

Based on technology proven under extreme aerospace conditions, EnerVenue’s metal-hydrogen batteries bring compelling financial and performance advantages over lithium-ion and other incumbent renewable energy storage alternatives.

This could enhance the hydrogen sphere with clean energy being utilised at times when it is needed, such as when intermittent energy sources, wind turbines and solar, are low on production capacity.

Ashok Belani, Executive Vice-President at Schlumberger New Energy, said, “At Schlumberger, we’re eager to leverage our technology expertise and global footprint in introducing EnerVenue’s technology to this important emerging market.

Jorg Heinemann, CEO of EnerVenue, said, “We are excited about the potential this technology holds for the energy transition. Schlumberger New Energy will emerge as one of the long-term energy transition infrastructure leaders.

“We look forward to supporting Schlumberger’s new energy vision, and to working with the company to bring our battery technology to organisations across the world.”

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