SFC receives order to power German radio towers

SFC receives order to power German radio towers

SFC Energy has received a large-scale call-off order for its hydrogen fuel cells for installation in switch cabinets for radio tower sites in another German federal state.

Together with its cooperation and license partner adKor GmbH, the company will deliver its Jupiter fuel cell systems that will equip up to 1,500 radio sites across Germany.

The order follows the Federal Government’s goal to make the digital radio authorities future-orientated by providing a sustainable emergency back-up power.

“Germany is undergoing a major rethinking process towards a sustainable energy supply,” said Pete Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy.

“The recently adopted stimulus package of the Federal Government is an impressive proof of this. As a pioneer of fuel cell technology, we are please not only be able to support this process but also to shape it with our many years of experience.”

“Hydrogen and fuel cells are key technologies here, which make clean energy storable and transportable, but can also be used in a decentralised manner tailored to the requirements of the user.”

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