SGN reveals roadmap to implement hydrogen into 90% of Scottish homes and businesses

SGN reveals roadmap to implement hydrogen into 90% of Scottish homes and businesses

Gas network company SGN has revealed today (Nov 19) a roadmap for how hydrogen can support and deliver the Scottish Government’s zero-emission targets and contribute to the decarbonisation of homes.

With the roadmap feasibility carried out by Wood, the report reveals how Scotland’s already extensive gas infrastructure could be used to transport hydrogen across the nation.

In doing so, the existing infrastructure could carry hydrogen at cost-competitive prices to households and other industries proving pivotal in both driving demand for hydrogen up whilst also support net zero emissions.

In fact, 90% of homes and businesses could benefit from this plan for hydrogen infrastructure.

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The proposals showcase how transitioning Aberdeen to 100% hydrogen could take place by the end of the decade and cause a domino effect throughout Scotland with more inclined to transition to hydrogen technologies.

Hydrogen, which would be produced and stored at St Fergus on the north-east coast, would be injected into the gas network system, initially making up 2% of the blend.

This would grow to 20% then 100%, making Aberdeen the world’s first hydrogen powered city.

Conversion of homes and buildings along the north-east coast and across the central belt would take place after Aberdeen, with other areas of Scotland’s gas network being converted by 2045.

Angus McIntosh, Director of Energy Futures at SGN, said, “This report outlines the practical steps needed to rapidly decarbonise a significant part of Scotland’s homes and industry. Hydrogen gives customers choice and control in the way they heat their homes and provides a practical, secure and low disruption pathway to net zero.

“It has the potential to deliver powerful macroeconomic benefits and help Scotland be a global leader in the development of a hydrogen economy.

“We’ll now work with key stakeholders and complementary hydrogen production and demand initiatives to deliver this vision.

“We have launched the preliminary engineering phase of the Aberdeen Vision pipeline, which will refine the planning for the proposed new pipeline connecting blue hydrogen production at St Fergus and offshore green hydrogen production to Aberdeen City and the wider area in the North East.

“By offering a significant opportunity for the substantial decarbonisation of Scottish industrial, domestic and commercial gas customers, we can pave the way for the creation of a hydrogen economy in Scotland.

“This would provide a route to market for hydrogen production and the use of hydrogen in other sectors such as transport and power generation.

“We’re looking forward to continue working with the Scottish Government in the coming months to demonstrate the role hydrogen can play in helping meet the needs of customers.”

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