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Shell to license blue hydrogen process to tH2 Power’s Ohio projects

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has been awarded a contract to deliver a Shell Blue Hydrogen Process (SBHP) license agreement to Trillium H2 Power (tH2 Power).

The contract will ensure the development of multiple large-scale, low-carbon hydrogen-fuelled power generation and manufacturing projects in Ohio, the US.

Taking place at the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in rural Pike County, along with additional sites in Central Appalachia, the projects are expected to begin with the production of 500 tonnes per day of blue hydrogen.

SBHP uses Shell gas partial oxidation (SGP) technology and capture CO2 at higher pressures and larger scales, resulting in a lower levelised cost of hydrogen, therefore lowering the overall lifecycle emissions at each site. The total amount of CO2 stored at each site is anticipated to be 1.6 million tonnes per year.

A portion of the blue hydrogen will fuel low-carbon power, sustainable transportation fuels and other low-carbon products.

Nick Flinn, Vice-President, Decarbonisation Technologies at Shell Catalysts & Technologies, explained that the “maturity and creditability” of the technology was key to the deal.

He added, “Another important aspect was the fact that the SBHP can achieve a high carbon-capture rate with a simple line-up and with no need for the complex recycles that are inherent in the alternative technologies.”

Flinn believed that the Pearl GTL plant in Qatar was a proven concept for tH2 Power and a valuable reference, in which 18 SGP trains have been operating since 2011.

Zane Rhodes, tH2 Power’s Co-Founder, reiterated this point, and claimed manufacturers with a “proven track record of safe reliable operations” were key factors in the evaluations. Shell’s SBHP proved to be the “obvious choice.”

The SBHP was launched in 2020, with the aim of decarbonising hard-to-abate heavy industries.

Yesterday (February 6), oil and gas major company bp announced blue hydrogen will be its focus this decade, following its recent financial report.

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The company’s new CEO, Murray Auchincloss, said, “With hydrogen, our focus this decade is on blue hydrogen and decarbonisation of our refineries, while laying the foundation for green hydrogen production towards the end of the decade.”

Last year (2023), Shell revealed plans to cut 15% of its low-carbon division workforce and also make changes to its hydrogen mobility plans in order to boost profits.

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However, this announcement came just four months after the company revealed it would invest $1bn a year into carbon capture and storage (CCS) in order to support its blue hydrogen ambitions.

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