Snam, Saipem to develop green hydrogen initiatives

Snam, Saipem to develop green hydrogen initiatives

Italian energy infrastructure Snam and engineering firm Saipem will jointly define and develop initiatives for green hydrogen production and transport as part of a new partnership.

The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to start working together on new energy transition technologies, from green hydrogen to capturing and reusing CO2, with the aim of fighting climate change and contributing to the launch of the hydrogen market, supporting the European Commission’s Hydrogen Strategy.

Snam and Saipem have already started working together, focusing in particular on developing the technology of water electrolysis, a process that makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions to zero in the production of green hydrogen, thus effectively fighting global warming.

This agreement also involves a collaborative effort to develop feasibility studies in order to find new solutions to transport hydrogen in both liquid and gaseous form, by using and adapting existing infrastructure and networks as well as by shipping it by vessel, and to capture, transport, store or enhance CO2.

Marco Alverà, CEO of Snam, said, “With this cooperation, we aim to strengthen our commitment and partnership network in the field of new energy transition technologies, especially green hydrogen and its use in existing infrastructure.”

“Also through its dedicated business unit, Snam is deeply engaged in developing hydrogen and in contributing to the creation of an Italian value chain.”

“Because of its geographical location, the natural resources available to produce renewable energy and the strength of its manufacturing sector, our country can become a European and Mediterranean hydrogen hub, thus making a significant contribution to the fight against climate change as well as creating new opportunities for development and employment.”

Stefano Cao, CEO of Saipem, commented, “Over the next few years, hydrogen will become a commodity which, together with LNG, will shape the energy transition process.”

“Saipem is currently concentrating on both blue hydrogen production technologies, using energy from fossil fuels, and green hydrogen from renewable sources, also drawing on the experience gained from several projects implemented worldwide throughout the Carbon Capture & Storage chain.”

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