Solar hydrogen in Münster powered by Enapter electrolyser

Solar hydrogen in Münster powered by Enapter electrolyser

An Enapter electrolyser, located just outside of Münster, Germany, has started generating hydrogen as part of a residential energy storage solution.

Popular student magazine, na damn…, started going off grid in 2012 but in February (2019), Arno Tilsner, who runs the magazine, discovered Enapter’s EL 2.0 which was installed at the company just 185 after the first contract.

The na damn… rooftop is now equipped with 5 kWp solar panels that generate electricity during the daytime, and any excess energy is used to produce hydrogen.

“Hydrogen is the stuff of the stuff of the century, the universal building block of the post-coal-oil-gas era,” said Tilsner.

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Enapter installed one of its EL 2.0 electrolysers that generates 500 litres of hydrogen per hour. Then hydrogen is converted back into electricity via a fuel cell.

The Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) technology at the heart of the electrolyser enables low cost generation of hydrogen. The modular solution can be scaled to any size by combining multiple EL 2.0 building blocks and is suitable for larger residential or commercial storage solutions.

Tilsner’s new system showcases residential green energy independence.


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