Solaris signs Letter of Intent for Wielkoposlka Hydrogen Valley

Solaris signs Letter of Intent for Wielkoposlka Hydrogen Valley

Solaris revealed today (July 20) the signing of a Letter of Intent expressing the desire to establish Wielkoposlka Hydrogen Valley in Poznań, Poland.

The Letter of Intent confirms a desire to collaborate on the establishment of the Wielkopolska Hydrogen Valley.

The synergy of activities undertaken by the stakeholders will allow them to set up a coordinated and integrated ecosystem of relations to bolster the development of technology, expertise, business and education.

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The aim of the signatories is to contribute to decarbonising the economy to achieve climate neutrality.

This will see the region actively engage in the global value chain of the hydrogen economy which it hopes will stimulate the emergence of local manufacturing competences in the area of infrastructure, products and services.

Additionally, the signing of the Letter of Intent is meant to be a clear signal of the willingness to participate in the ”National Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with the Outlook until 2040” setting out goals and measures to build a low-carbon hydrogen economy.

These goals and measures relate to three sectors in which hydrogen is deployed (energy, transport and industry), as well as to its production, distribution and any necessary regulatory and funding changes.

Dariusz Michalak, Member of the Management Board of Solaris, said, “Hydrogen may play an unprecedented role in the process of decarbonisation. We are closely monitoring this phenomenon, in particular, in our sector.

“The pace of change is impressive: in 2014 we handed over the first articulated hydrogen-fuelled buses to our clients in Hamburg, in 2018 10 trolleybuses were delivered with a hydrogen fuel cell as a range extender, while in 2019 we unveiled our first state-of-the-art 12-metre hydrogen bus.

“Today, only a few years later, we are completing orders for our Urbino 12 hydrogen placed by carriers and local authorities from Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Italy!

“We are extremely happy that we can accompany our clients on their path to transforming public transport, and from now on, with the signing of the Letter of Intent for the Wielkopolska Hydrogen Valley we also will be able to share our expertise in order to develop the hydrogen economy in the region.”

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