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Spanish Hydrogen Association to collaborate with bp to promote hydrogen’s growth

The Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) and oil and gas heavyweight bp are set to collaborate to promote the growth of the hydrogen sector in Spain.

Under a collaboration agreement, announced on Tuesday (November 22), bp has become a promoting partner of AeH2, strengthening ties to promote hydrogen technologies to decarbonise the energy sector, industry, and transport.

In 2021, bp, Iberdrola and Enagás joined forces to develop 20MW of green hydrogen production capacity at bp’s Castellón plant in Valencia, Spain to replace grey hydrogen used in refinery processes.

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Through the collaboration, bp and AeH2 hop to develop the hydrogen economy in pursuit of cutting carbon dioxide emissions, but also boosting employment in technology sectors, developing local economies, and increasing scientific knowledge.

“bp is a company with a long history, that has been advancing for some time and working to build an increasingly sustainable energy future, in which hydrogen has a central role to play,” said Javier Brey, President of the AeH2. “Together we can continue adding to achieve that future while boosting the growth of the sector.”

AeH2 represents nearly 300 partners across the entire hydrogen value chain. Founded in 2002, the association set out to encourage and promote the technological and industrial development of hydrogen technologies in Spain.

Andrés Guevara, President of bp Spain, commented, “Our integration into the Spanish Hydrogen Association represents an excellent opportunity to contribute to positioning Spain as a global leader in achieving a hydrogen economy. Our country has great production potential both to self-supply local energy needs and to export surpluses.”

“The link that we establish with the AeH2 is fully aligned with the projects that we are going to develop in the coming years and in which green hydrogen will be one of the main engines for the decarbonisation of cities and industries,” Guevara added.


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