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Start-up airline looks to ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-electric engines to power flights

German aviation start-up flyv is exploring the use of ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-electric engines for its future flight operations.

Under an agreement revealed today (February 1), the pair will explore the use of the fuel cell powertrain for flyv’s fleets.

The start-up aims to tackle strained “conventional travel systems” whilst also providing new cleaner technologies to reduce operating costs of flights, with “on-demand” air travel.

With plans to use AI to match demand and availability, the company intends to operate small aircraft carrying out 10 passengers.

As part of the agreement, ZeroAvia and flyv will look into regional air mobility networks across Europe, exploring the potential economic and passenger benefits of introducing fuel cell-powered flight.

The agreement comes as ZeroAvia works towards certifying its 600kW hydrogen fuel cell engine, capable of powering 9-19 seat aircraft, with plans for entry-to-service in around two years.

In January 2023, the hydrogen aviator recorded its first flight of a Dornier 228 aircraft, with a prototype 600kW ZA600 powertrain equipped to one side of the plane.

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James Peck, Chief Customer Officer at ZeroAvia, said, flying can be the “cleanest, quickest and cheapest” way to travel in near future.

“It’s exciting to work with an innovative start-up airline like flyv that is rethinking the status quo to extend the benefits of flying,” he added.

“As a low-cost, on-demand airline, we are proactively analysing how to enhance efficiency and operational stability in a rapidly evolving world,” said Anton Lutz, co-founder of flyvbird. “With policies across the EU steadily making operating fossil fuel flight more costly and difficult, it is crucial for us to align with partners like ZeroAvia today, to prepare for a truly sustainable future.”

In November (2023), ZeroAvia inked an agreement with newly launched UK airline Ecojet to supply up to 70 of its ZA600 powertrains.

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