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Stellantis set to scale-up hydrogen fuel cell vehicle production

Stellantis Pro One has expanded its offering of hydrogen fuel cells with in-house production of medium and large-sized vans.

Set to be produced in Hordain, France, and Gliwice, Poland, the extended line-up includes internal combustion engine (ICE), battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell, and range extender variants.

The revamp will be an important element of the Pro One strategic offensive for Stellantis’ commercial vehicles business, as it aims to align with its zero-emission propulsion roadmap.

The second generation of the fuel cell system will deliver a range of up to 400km and a refuelling time of less than four minutes. The large, fuel cell-powered vans will boast a range of up to 500km and a refuelling time of five minutes.

Stellantis will produce eight fuel cell hydrogen versions of medium and large-sized vans in-house, the Citroën ë-Jumpy and ë-Jumper, Fiat Professional E-Scudo and E-Ducato, Opel Vivaro and Movano, and the Peugeot E-Expert and E-Boxer.

Jean-Michel Billig, Stellantis Chief Technology Oficer, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Development, said, “The action to bring hydrogen fuel cell mid-size vans and add fuel cell large vans to our production lines is a proof point of our commitment to maintain the lead in cutting-edge hydrogen technology and make it available to our most demanding customers.

“The skills and dedication of our engineering and operational teams are essential as we pursue the ambitions of Dare Forward 2030 and maintain the lead in the zero-emission commercial vehicle segment.”

Stellantis announced in 2022 that it will be investing in its Hordain plant, to see up to 5,000 of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles produced each year. After a €10m investment, hydrogen-powered versions of the Peugeot Expert, Citroën Jumpy, and Opel Vivaro were mass produced.

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Last July (2023), Stellantis completed a 33.3% purchase in Symbio, working alongside the original founders, Faurecia (a FORVIA Group company) and Michelin.

Under the agreement, Stellantis will improve its position in hydrogen-powered vehicles by supporting the fuel cell van production in France.

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