SunGas Renewables to support Tasmanian green hydrogen and methanol project

SunGas Renewables has been selected to supply green methanol to an Australian hydrogen project in northern Tasmania.

The ABEL Energy Bell Pay Powerfuels Project, expected to produce 300,000 tonnes of green methanol per year, has selected Johnson Matthey (JM) to supply key technologies to the project.

Requiring 240MW of electrolysis to produce green hydrogen and robust methanol synthesis and biomass gasification technologies, it will utilise SunGas’ ‘state-of-the-art’ renewable syngas generation unit, the SunGas System 1000™, designed to convert renewable sourced wood fibre into renewable syngas – used to make renewable biofuels for Bell Bay’s facility.

JM optimised the design of the methanol synthesis loop and combined it with its highly robust methanol synthesis catalyst, with the addition of green hydrogen increasing methanol production leading to increased carbon utilisation efficiency.

SunGas Renewables, ABEL Energy and JM worked closely on the design and optimisation studies to integrate the technologies into the proposed facility, expected to commence in 2027.

Alberto Giovanzana, Managing Director – CT Licensing at JM, said, “Green methanol is emerging as a key route to decarbonising the shipping industry. This exciting project will use our world leading technology for green methanol production, building off our deep experience and decades-worth references in methanol.”

ABEL Energy’s Chief Technology Officer, Rhys Tucker, added, “We really do feel we have brought the very best technologies in the world to Tasmania, and we’re grateful to JM and SunGas for their enthusiastic support of our project.”

Bell Bay Powerfuels signed a term sheet with Hydro Tasmania for the sale of a decommissioned power station, set to serve as the green hydrogen and green methanol production facility.

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