Symbio hydrogen fuel cell systems to enter the US market

Symbio hydrogen fuel cell systems to enter the US market

Symbio, a Faurecia and Michelin joint venture, is taking its hydrogen fuel cell stack systems overseas to the US market.

Doing so, the company on Wednesday (August 25) announced the launch of Symbio North America to focus on light-duty, commercial medium- and heavy-duty vehicle hydrogen solutions.

Heading the venture will be Rob Del Core, who has been appointed at General Manager. Holding over 20 years of experience in the hydrogen fuel cell industry, Del Core will spearhead the new endeavour.

In terms of products, and how they will serve the new market, Symbio said it H2Motive portfolio, covering 40-kW all the way to 300-kW, will meet a wide range of duty-cycles, power and durability requirements of the US transportation market.

Symbio will unveil more details of the new joint venture at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, California on August 30 – September 2.

Michelin betting big on hydrogen as it moves beyond tyres

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Michelin: A household name and a brand synonymous all over the world for its role in mobility. As the French company continues to expand, invest and innovate in its tyre business, post-Covid mobility trends and the accelerating growth of the electric vehicle market represent growth opportunities for the firm. And Michelin is betting big on hydrogen.

Transportation generates 23% of global CO2 emissions and a transition to electric vehicles appears to be the best way to achieve a long-term improvement in air quality. But battery-electric vehicles are limited by two weaknesses: their limited range (100-300km depending on usage) and the downtime required for a full charge. Enter the hydrogen fuel cell.

Fuel cells eliminate both of these issues – when oxygen comes into contact with hydrogen, it can generate electricity and water. A hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) can cover 500-600km, a distance comparable to a conventional vehicle, and recharging at a station matches current behaviours today taking just three to five minutes.

Michelin’s hydrogen expansion is built around Symbio, its hydrogen joint venture company it formed in 2019 with car parks maker Faurecia. Aiming to be a global leader in fuel stacks, targeting approximately 12% of the market share and a €1.5bn turnover by 2030, H2 View spoke to Peyman Sabet (picturedabove), Europe North Vice-President of Michelin, to find out more.

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