Tenaris, Edison and Snam to decarbonise steelmaking with green hydrogen

Tenaris, Edison and Snam to decarbonise steelmaking with green hydrogen

Tenaris, Edison and Snam have joined forces to decarbonise Tenaris’ Dalmine pipe mill in Italy with green hydrogen, as part of what is thought to be the first application of the clean fuel on an industrial scale in Italy’s steel sector.

Announcing the collaboration today (11th Jan), the companies said they will identify and implement the most suitable solutions for the production, distribution and use of green hydrogen at the mill.

The project will look to generate hydrogen and oxygen through an approximate 20 MW electrolyser that will be installed at the Dalmine plant and to adapt the steelmaking process to use green hydrogen instead of natural gas.

A joint statement said the initiative may also include the construction of a storage site for the accumulation of high-pressure hydrogen and the use of oxygen, locally produced through electrolysis, within the melting process.

Once initial testing is complete, the three companies will then evaluate whether to expand the collaboration to other stages of the production process, and therefore extending the use of hydrogen.

Commenting on the project, Michele Della Briotta, President of Tenaris Europe and CEO of TenarisDalmine, said, “The ‘Dalmine Zero Emissions’ project is our latest initiative launched by Tenaris in Italy to improve our environmental footprint, after the investments and projects for the protection of air quality, for energy efficiency, for the reduction of raw materials consumption, for the increase of the content of recycled material in our products and for the enhancement and reuse of our by-products.”

“Through the ‘Dalmine Zero Emissions’ project’, together with qualified partners, we are starting the energy transition of the Dalmine plant, placing ourselves at the forefront of sustainability in the steel sector.”

Nicola Monti, CEO of Edison, added, “With this agreement, Edison launches a path to support the decarbonisation of industrial sectors that are key to the national economy, thus contributing to the achievement of the energy transition objectives set at a national level in the PNIEC and at a European level in the Green Deal.”

“The renewable energy produced by our plants and the technological solutions available to us can concretely contribute to the development of a new and important national value chain, which in the coming decades will accompany the evolution of the economic and production system towards climate neutrality.”

Marco Alverà, CEO of Snam, said, “Green hydrogen can represent the ideal solution to decarbonise some key industrial sectors, in particular to produce zero emission steel in the long term. Today’s agreement, which features three companies active along the entire value chain, is a first step to achieving this important goal.”

“Thanks to its technologies and infrastructure, Snam acts as one of the enablers of the hydrogen supply chain, to contribute to the fight against climate change and the creation of new development opportunities, in line with national and European strategies.”

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