TES awards Canadian hydrogen hub FEED contract to AtkinsRéalis

TES’ Canadian subsidiary has awarded AtkinsRéalis a front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract for its 70,000 tonne per year green hydrogen hub in Quebec.

Dubbed Projet Mauricie, two-third of the hub’s hydrogen output is planned to be used to produce electric renewable natural gas (e-NG) as a drop-in fuel for hard-to-abate industries. The remaining third is expected to be used in long-haul transport.

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Stéphanie Vaillancourt, President, Canada at AtkinsRéalis, said the project will “largely self-generate” renewable electricity with “behind-the-fence” wind and solar plants to produce green hydrogen.

TESCanada H2 plans to establish a dedicated 1GW wind and solar farm to power the majority of the hub’s electrolysis needs, minimising the energy draw from Quebec’s grid.

Expected to be commissioned in 2028, AtkinsRéalis will develop the project’s plans, execution schedule, cost estimates, environmental impact assessments and assist in permitting.

The engineering firm says it will provide technical support for engineering and field activities involving geotechnical investigations and testing.

Earlier this month (March 2024), TES, Engie, Mitsubishi, Osaka Gas, Sempra Infrastructure, Tokyo Gas, Toho Gas and TotalEnergies established the e-NG coalition to build a global market for the synthetic gas.

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Produced by subjecting green hydrogen and recycled CO2 to high-pressures at around 400oC in the presence of a nickel catalyst, e-NG is identical to natural gas on a molecular level, allowing it to be used in existing infrastructure.

By 2030, TES plans to produce one million tonnes of e-NG per year to provider 15.4TWh of energy.

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