TES’ Wilhelmshaven import terminal receives 20-year regulatory exemption

German network regulator BNetzA has exempted the (e)LNG terminal within the TES Wilhelmshaven green energy hub from tariff and third-party access regulation.

The exemption will last for a period of 20 years from the start of operations and as part of the decision, BNetzA has confirmed the terminal will contribute to the security of supply in Germany and Europe.

The total capacity of DGGEV’s terminal is said to be equivalent to 15 billion metres per year and will benefit from “the best marine and market access in Germany,” according to a statement released by TES.

BNetzA completed a consultation with EU member states, the European Commission and the national competition regulator BKartA ahead of the exemption earlier this year. The exemption now awaits review and approval by the European Commission.

DGGEV’s CEO, Raf Vermeyen, commented, “We welcome the decision of BNetzA as an important step towards signing contracts with terminal users and taking the final investment decision later this year.”

In 2022, the development of TES’ hydrogen import terminal at Wilhelmshaven was included as a priority project in the German Government Acceleration Law. Expected to happen from 2028, the import hub will provide a basis to import hydrogen from aboard into Europe.

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TES is aiming to decarbonise Germany and its neighbouring markets by facilitating the import of both conventional liquefied natural gas (LNG) and green hydrogen based on electric natural gas (e-NG).

The terminal is anticipated to have fully transitioned to the import of e-NG by 2044 at the latest, in compliance with the German LNG acceleration act (LNGG).

TES and Uniper announced a cooperation with Niedersachsen Ports (NPorts) last year (2023), to plan and develop the Wilhelmshaven import terminal.

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