Tesla-inspired hydrogen electric hybrid car designed by students

Tesla-inspired hydrogen electric hybrid car designed by students

A new futuristic hydrogen electric hybrid car, dubbed ProtoSEV, has been designed by students as part of a 24-hour design sprint.

Revealed today (27th April), students from the University of Strathclyde Eco-Vehicle team (USEV) with their counterparts from the University of Aberdeen created a hybrid concept with a price range and marketplace similar to that of a Tesla.

The ProtoSEV team utilised their experience with hydrogen-powered vehicles with the USEV team sharing their understanding with battery technology to create the car of tomorrow.

Due to being unable to take part in this year’s Shell Eco-Marathon competition, the ten-strong group of students came up with the ProtoSEV design which is said to be their vision of a car that could be seen on the roads in the next 10 years.

Because of the Covid restrictions, the event was to be held virtually and, as the only two Scottish teams in the competition, the Strathclyde and Aberdeen teams decided to collaborate on the ProtoSEV project.

The final design and key engineering decisions were presented to Norman Koch, General Manager of Shell Eco Marathon, and other members of Shell staff.

Emma Burnley-Davies, Team Leader of the University of Strathclyde Eco Vehicle team, said, “Our brief was to create a design for our vision of the future, and we held three two-hour design sessions led by myself and Waqaas.

“We decided our assumptions for the design and split into hydrogen, electric and mechanical/design teams.

“We learnt so much from each other and it’s been great to apply our engineering skills and collaborating across disciplines.”

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