The role of hydrogen in powering UK industry: APPG on Hydrogen launches inquiry

The role of hydrogen in powering UK industry: APPG on Hydrogen launches inquiry

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hydrogen in the UK has today (23rd March) launched an inquiry into the role of hydrogen in powering industry.

The APPG’s inquiry will explore the role and potential of hydrogen in powering industry and policies required to accelerate hydrogen’s potential, unlocking the wider hydrogen economy, providing high skilled jobs across the UK and supporting the government’s net zero targets.

The APPG’s call for evidence will also look at what steps need to be taken to ensure that hydrogen in part of the solution to a greener future.

“We need to assess how utilising hydrogen can best support industry and tackle pollution. Without widespread industrial decarbonisation, the UK will not be able to meet its ambitious net-zero targets,” said Jacob Young MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hydrogen.

“I believe hydrogen has a key role in decarbonising industry and shaping our wider economy to meet our net zero targets and support the creation of high-skilled jobs.”

Young said the APPG wants to hear from organisations about how they are contributing to a greener future and what steps need to be taken to ensure that hydrogen is part of the solution.

“It is crucial we understand how industry can decarbonise whilst developing high-skilled jobs for people across the country and growing the economy as we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis,” he continued.

“We are keen to hear from businesses across all UK industry sectors, energy providers, regulators, local government representatives and more to understand what needs to be done to ensure that hydrogen plays a crucial role in industrial decarbonisation.” 

The APPG is inviting written submission to inform this inquiry. Submissions should be a maximum of two pages and submitted via [email protected].

It should focus on but not be limited to:

  • The role and potential of hydrogen across different UK industry sectors including but not limited to heating, chemicals, oil and gas and carbon capture and storage.
  • What UK industry sectors can particularly benefit from hydrogen
  • Issues around Hydrogen production, transmission, distribution and storage
  • How hydrogen can help the UK meet its net-zero target
  • Hydrogen’s potential to support and create high-skilled jobs in the UK
  • What opportunities are there to accelerate hydrogen activity in the UK
  • How to achieve an economic and timely transition to hydrogen that retains and promotes UK industry
  • The policies required to unlock the UK hydrogen economy

The APPG is also requesting case studies, statistics and any practical examples of research or studies undertaken on how hydrogen will contribute to the decarbonising of industry, as well as how hydrogen will benefit jobs, skills, the economy and the wider net zero landscape.

The deadline for written submissions is Tuesday 20th April at 17:00 GMT.

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