Thyssenkrupp achieves hydrogen production backlog of €900m as it unveils branch renaming to support its expansion
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Thyssenkrupp achieves hydrogen production backlog of €900m as it unveils branch renaming to support its expansion

With an order backlog of €900m ($1bn), thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers has had a reshuffle of its structure and has renamed to thyssenkrupp nucera as the company aims to continue its green hydrogen expansion.

The renaming of the company unveiled today (Jan 13) comes with Thyssenkrupp AG continuing to examine how the hydrogen business can be further developed in the most effective manner to ensure the company is at the forefront of the hydrogen ecosystem.

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The company’s alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) technology is an important part of the company and will support the nucera branch as it scales it influence over hydrogen practices.

thyssenkrupp nucera has said that it wants to press ahead with the expansion of the hydrogen business by fiscal year 2024/25 and achieve sales of around €600m ($688m) to €700m ($802m).

The additional demand could come from new applications and thus from many different sectors, for example power generation and storage, building heating and power supply, transport as well as industrial energy and raw materials.

Dr. Volkmar Dinstuhl, CEO of thyssenkrupp’s Multi Tracks segment, said, “The green transformation of industry is a task that will take decades. The system change is only possible with a shared vision and new ideas.

“This requires the right investments, technologies, business models and lean processes. thyssenkrupp nucera has everything it takes to pave the way for a decarbonised industry.

“The new brand in our thyssenkrupp family is an important step in further expanding our leading position in electrolysis – with cutting-edge technology and major international projects. ”

“We are a global market leader in chlor-alkali electrolysis and convince with first-class technology. We can already supply electrolysis cells with a total output of one gigawatt every year.

Denis Krude, CEO of thyssenkrupp nucera, said, “That’s just the beginning. We want to become the technology leader for the production of green hydrogen on an industrial scale. The industry is ready for the energy transition.

“With our solution, we support customers on their way to climate neutrality – also in sectors and processes in which emissions have so far inevitably been generated.”

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