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Topsoe’s inaugural SOEC tests achieve high levels of stability ahead of 500MW production plant

Topsoe’s solid oxide electrolyser cells (SOEC) have been tested at the company’s hydrogen demonstration plant in Denmark.

The tests revealed that all 1,200 cells achieved “high levels of stability under industrial conditions, while maintaining stable temperature levels,” after Topsoe ran a 2,000-hour demonstration of 12 SOEC stacks running at approximately 350kW.

The results support the EU Innovation Fund’s decision to award a €94m ($102.6m) grant to Topsoe last year (2023) for a 500MW electrolyser production facility in Herning, Denmark.

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Topsoe’s CEO Power-to-X, Kim Hedegaard, claimed Net Zero by 2050 will only succeed “if we have the courage to deploy new pioneering technologies.”

Hedegaard added, “It is a much more efficient solution to meet the need for a rapid decarbonisation of our planet compared to conventional electrolysis technologies and ready to make a positive impact in the power-to-X industry.”

Topsoe’s work also received financial support from “SOEC Upscale,” a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund via the grant REACTRF-22-0076.

Tony Cochrane, Chief Commercial Officer at Ceres Power, told a H2 View webinar earlier this year that SOEC and SOFC technology could dominate industrial industries.

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Particularly in ammonia production and aviation fuels, solid oxide technology is uniquely suited due to its higher efficiencies compared with PEM and alkaline technology, according to Cochrane.


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