Toyota and Eni announce hydrogen collaboration

Toyota and Eni announce hydrogen collaboration

Toyota and Italian oil and gas company Eni are collaborating to speed up the spread of hydrogen mobility in Italy.

The first phase of the project involves opening a hydrogen refuelling point at Eni’s new service station in San Donato Milanese. 

Eni said it is currently awaiting permissions to start work on the new station, which will be a multi-purpose facility selling petroleum products along with advanced fuels like biomethane, hydrogen and electricity.

The zero emission hydrogen available at the station will be produced with renewable energy by the station itself through electrolysis of water.

Toyota will put a fleet of 10 Mirai cars on the road that will refuel at the Eni station.

If the San Donato project is successful, Eni will make hydrogen available at other stations in its network over the next few years.

“In our opinion the path towards zero emissions will inevitably pass also through a mobility based on hydrogen, a fundamental energy vector to allow a deeper diffusion of renewable energy sources,” said Mauro Caruccio, CEO of Toyota Motor Italy.

“Time to take action came also for Italy, to start creating a hydrogen distribution network for cars.”

“We are truly honoured to be able to undertake this journey together with such an important partner as Eni, which embraces the same idea of technology at the service of the environment.” 

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Source: Eni

Giuseppe Ricci, Chief Refining and Marketing Officer of Eni, added, “The hydrogen station in San Donato Milanese is an important step on Eni’s path to decarbonization for the reduction of climate-altering gas emissions.”

“Achieving sustainable mobility requires a concerted approach where all technologies contribute. Through its hydrogen stations, Eni plans to further expand its range of fuels with low environmental impact.”

“Out of an overall network of 4,400 service stations, 3,500 supply Eni Diesel+, the diesel that contains waste vegetable and frying oil and animal fats transformed into biofuel at Eni’s bio-refineries in Venice and Gela.”

“Two hundred service stations supply methane (two of them LNG) and soon biomethane as well.”

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