Toyota Australia: Government investment vital for Australia’s hydrogen sector

Toyota Australia: Government investment vital for Australia’s hydrogen sector

Government investment is vital for developing Australia’s emerging hydrogen sector, says Toyota Australia as the company welcomes the federal government’s $300m Advancing Hydrogen Fund.

The government’s first financing fund dedicated to hydrogen projects, the fund was announced earlier this week and will finance projects focused on growing a clean, innovative and competitive hydrogen industry in Australia.

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Toyota Australia’s future technologies spokesman Matt Maclead said investment by government was vital for developing Australia’s emerging hydrogen sector and enhancing its ability to contribute to lower emissions.

“Toyota welcomes initiatives designed to build demand in Australia for hydrogen as a viable energy storage medium, including fuel supporting zero-emission transport,” MacLeod said.

“Government investment will also play a significant role in the broader energy economy by supporting long-term sustainable hydrogen production, building supply chains and creating hydrogen hubs.”

“Toyota’s ability to launch advanced vehicles in Australia such as the Mirai fuel-cell electric car – a hydrogen-powered sedan that emits only water vapor – depends on the development of an adequate refuelling infrastructure.”

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MacLeod said Toyota Australia is committed to helping develop and promote the hydrogen economy with its own significant investments.

These include a $7.4m hydrogen centre in Melbourne, supported by $3.1m in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

“This project will deliver Victoria’s first commercial-grade hydrogen refuelling station by the end of this year and will be supported by a sustainable hydrogen production and storage facility,” MacLeod said.

“An education centre at the site, which has just been completed, will provide information that demonstrates the opportunity for hydrogen to meet the energy needs of our society in the not-too-distant future.”

Toyota has also expanded its renewable solar-energy capacity at three key properties in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. It will soon commission an additional solar system to support its hydrogen centre.

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