Toyota to launch hydrogen-powered Corolla and Prius in 2023
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Toyota to launch hydrogen-powered Corolla and Prius in 2023

Toyota will launch its new hydrogen-powered Prius and Corolla in 2023 as it looks to enhance its zero-emission vehicle range.

As reported by Forbes, Toyota plans to launch an all-new hydrogen powered plug-in electric hybrid version to its line-up in 2023.

This will be the first time that Toyota has blended its two signature technologies in plug-in hybrids and hydrogen power for the new hydrogen Prius.

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In addition to the hydrogen-powered Prius, Toyota will additionally explore commercialising a hydrogen Corolla by 2023 with this vehicle having recently competed in the 24-hour Fuji race.

Instead of using a fuel cell like the Prius, the Corolla will utilise hydrogen to power its engine.

By releasing these two new hydrogen-powered vehicles, Toyota is situating itself at the front of green mobility and progressing the global adoption of hydrogen.

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Few could argue that Toyota isn’t at the forefront of the current hydrogen mobility movement.

It’s flagship vehicle, the Mirai, is almost synonymous with the hydrogen-fuelled vehicle network today. Since its arrival in 2014, over 10,000 models of the Mirai have been sold world-wide and it remains one of only six fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) models in commercial production.

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