Tractebel unveils green hydrogen platform

Tractebel unveils green hydrogen platform

Tractebel Engineering and Tractebel Overdick are developing a unique concept to produce environmentally friendly “green” hydrogen from offshore wind energy at an industrial scale using electrolysis.

The two companies, both part of the Engie Group, said the 400MW plant accommodates all the technical components require for production – including electrolysis units, transformers and desalinisation plants – and exceeds the output of previous technologies many times over.

The energy generated in this way could be transported via pipeline or ship providing an alternative to the overloaded cable lines in the sea or over land.

Tracebel said it is in a position to undertake all of the engineering services for every stage of planning, from the feasibility study through to the detailed design.

As part of the Engie Group, the company said it’s in a perfect position to deliver and operate offshore hydrogen platforms as an EPC supplier and to offer solutions for large-scale storage.

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