Two hydrogen buses for Queensland

Two hydrogen buses for Queensland

The University of Queensland will add two hydrogen fuel cells buses to its fleet by 2022.

Thought to be the first of their kind in the state, the buses will be introduced with support from the Queensland Government’s Hydrogen Industry Development Fund.

According to Professor Peta Ashworth, the buses’ emissions are 60-70% lower than the diesel-powered intercampus shuttle buses they will replace.

Professor Ashworth, said, “They will cut about 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.”

“UQ will produce the hydrogen through electrolysis, using renewable power from the University’s Gatton solar farm.”

“Hydrogen fuel cells are an attractive choice for lower carbon emission vehicles, because water is the only by-product when hydrogen and oxygen are combined to produce electricity.”

“The established research and educational facilities near the hydrogen production site at UQ Gatton give us significant opportunities to explore how the technology works for applications in the community and will provide insights for other future applications.”

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