UK hydrogen projects to receive share of £25m govt funding

UK hydrogen projects to receive share of £25m govt funding

Two UK projects using hydrogen fuel cell technology are set to benefit from a share of £25m ($32m) government funding.

ULEMCO has been awarded £1.9m ($2.4m) to deliver an operational prototype zero emission ambulance for Yorkshire Ambulance Service using a fuel cell electric range extension.

The prototype will be tested around the Sheffield area where the hydrogen will be sourced at publicly available stations.

INOES Automotive has been received £124,000 ($159,000) towards a project assessing the feasibility and production of a hydrogen fuel cell powered 4×4, including the vehicle requirements, system design and component supply.

22 projects in total will benefit from the green transport funding boost, which is part of the government’s wider efforts towards decarbonising UK transport.

The government’s modern Industrial Strategy’s Future of Mobility Grand Challenge and the Road to Zero Strategy, both aim to put the UK at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of zero emission vehicles.

This transition is also a crucial part of the UK’s move to a net zero emissions economy to end the country’s contribution to global warming entirely.

The government’s ambition is for all new cars and vans to be effectively zero emission by 2040.

The numbers of ultra-low emission vehicles on UK roads is currently at record levels, with around 200,000 ultra-low emission vehicles registered in the UK.

Future of Mobility Minister Jesse Norman said, “The government continues to invest in technologies and innovation that help the UK to a zero emission future. This is a central part of our Future of Mobility Grand Challenge.”

“It is great to see such enthusiasm and imagination from industry, as we work together with them to realise the environmental, health and wellbeing benefits of greener transport.”

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