UK Hydrogen Taskforce launched today in Parliament

UK Hydrogen Taskforce launched today in Parliament

A newly launched cross-industry coalition wants to establish 100 hydrogen stations in the UK by 2025 and wants the UK Government to commit £1bn towards hydrogen projects.

In what could be described as a historic moment in the unfolding of the UK’s hydrogen story, the Hydrogen Taskforce has officially been launched today, backed by ten major companies at the heart of the energy system.

Aiming to secure investment and support for hydrogen in the UK to enable the country to become a world leader in hydrogen, the Hydrogen Taskforce will align a wide range of stakeholders including government, industry and an informed public with the aim of driving investment in hydrogen to promote its large-scale deployment.

Comprising of Arup, Arval, Baxi, BNP Paribas, BOC, BP, Cadent, DBD, ITM Power, Shell and Storengy, the Taskforce has agreed a collective position on the next steps that must be taken to ensure the UK capitalises on this opportunity to decarbonise cost-effectively, and to play a leading role in the growing global market for hydrogen solutions.

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The Taskforce marked its launch with the publication of a report on The Role of Hydrogen in Delivering Net Zero, which outlines a series of policy recommendations for industry and government to work towards over the next five years.

This would scale hydrogen applications and unlock the benefits of hydrogen, the Taskforce said.

The action plan includes the following steps:

  1. Development of a cross-departmental Hydrogen Strategy within UK Government.
  2. Commitment by government of £1bn over the next Spending Review Period to hydrogen production, storage and distribution projects.
  3. Development of financial support for the production of hydrogen for blending into the gas grid, industrial use, power generation and transport.
  4. Amendment of Gas Safety Management Regulations (GSMR) to enable hydrogen blending into the UK Gas Grid and take the next steps towards 100% hydrogen heating through supporting public trials and mandating hydrogen-ready boilers by 2025.
  5. Collaboration to establish 100 hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) by 2025 to support the roll-out of hydrogen transport.

An event is currently underway at the House of Commons, where the Right Honourable Kwasi Kwarteng MP has just given a short address discussing the importance of hydrogen in reducing carbon emissions, both in the UK and globally.

Jacob Young, MP for Redcar, and Chair of the Hydrogen All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), discussed the importance of hydrogen’s role in levelling up the regions and helping the government to deliver on its ambitions to meet Net Zero by 2050.

He said, “The political, social and economic arguments for large scale hydrogen conversion have never been so strong.”

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“It is clear that we cannot meet our Net Zero 2050 target without hydrogen technology.”

“From heating our homes, to our journeys to work, hydrogen can play a huge part in our decarbonisation in this decade.”

“By taking the next steps and accelerating hydrogen development programmes we can create thousands of new, skilled, green jobs and continue to lead the world in the hydrogen economy.”

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