Ulstein unveils hydrogen hybrid wind turbine installation vessel

Ulstein unveils hydrogen hybrid wind turbine installation vessel

Family-owned ship manufacturer Ulstein has unveiled its second hydrogen hybrid design for the offshore wind industry, the ULSTEIN J102 zero emission wind turbine installation vessel.

The hydrogen hybrid system of the ULSTEIN J102 has been developed so that future developments in hydrogen technology can easily be fitted into the vessel without major modifications.

Edwin van Leeuwen, Managing Director of Ulstein’s Rotterdam design office, said, “The same design philosophy as on our first hydrogen-powered SX190 design, resulted in a much more attractive business case when applied to a turbine installation vessel.”

“The limited availability of hydrogen bunker infrastructure in ports is often seen as a major hurdle. With our modular storage lay-out, we want to break the chicken and egg dilemma. It creates flexibility to operate the vessel worldwide, even when bunker infrastructure is not yet present”

“Hydrogen is one of the most promising zero emission fuels for offshore vessels and we want to be leading in developing sustainable ships.”

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