Uncover hydrogen’s future at H2 View and gasworld’s Hydrogen Intelligence Summit

Uncovering the strongest avenues for hydrogen investment, emerging markets and future demand will all be up for discussion at H2 View and gasworld’s co-hosted Hydrogen Intelligence Summit 2024 in London, UK, on May 21.

The Hydrogen Intelligence Summit, hosted at London’s Cavendish Conference Centre promises to be an essential event for those invested in the evolving hydrogen market, with expert insight from gasworld’s Business Intelligence unit and industry experts.

Covering the entire spectrum of hydrogen pathways, from traditional merchant hydrogen to emerging green hydrogen markets, the summit is set to provide a comprehensive market outlook to better inform investors, policymakers and industry players.

Attendees will have the chance to explore market models and forecasts, both regional and global, from H2 View and gasworld’s newly launched H2 Intelligence Dashboard.

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Guest talks and sessions will cover investment, new markets and opportunities for hydrogen in North America and Europe, with expert insight from the likes of Clare Jackson, CEO of Hydrogen UK, Joe Ritblat, Director of Finance at Viritech and Chris Jackson, CEO of Protium

The event will also host a live recording of the gasworld’s the 1895 Podcast focused on hydrogen pathways and perception, offering candid viewpoints and actionable takeaways with no slides or pitches.

Rob Cockerill, Global Content Director of H2 Viewand gasworld, said “No one knows hydrogen like the industrial gases business, and gasworld has been tracking and analysing the global hydrogen market for more than 20 years, as part of its Business Intelligence unit and also as a content platform.

“H2 View, meanwhile, has been an established market leader in the hydrogen space for five years, with a particular focus on green and low-carbon hydrogen. Across its four pillars of Policy, Power, Mobility & Technology, it has an unparalleled provision of hydrogen news, views, insights and analysis.

“Together, there is no more comprehensive resource for the bigger picture in hydrogen pathways, production, distribution and applications.”

Priced at £500, an individual event ticket will be supplemented by a Business Intelligence sample report, a 12-month trial subscription to H2 View online and in print, attendee-only discounts on hydrogen market reports, and access to the approved speaker presentation.

For more information and to sign up for the event click here.

Stay ahead with the latest Hydrogen Intelligence!

With a focus on global coverage, dynamic analytics, and long term forecasting our centralised hub offers unparalleled insights and strategic advantages for investors, policymakers, and industry professionals.

H2 Intelligence provides global analytics for both conventional and emerging hydrogen sectors. Hydrogen production, transportation demand, and global hydrogen policy are featured in our brand new dashboard.

Enquire here and a member of the BI team will be in touch.

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