Updated: US trio plans to deliver 500kg green hydrogen production site in Texas

A US trio has announced plans to develop a 500kg per day green hydrogen production facility in Houston, Texas, which could be completed in Q2 2024.

HNO International (HNIO), Element One Energy and Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company (PHC) plan carry out the “inaugural installation” of HNOI’s Scalable Hydrogen Energy Platform (SHEP™) at a Texan site.

Modular and scalable in design, the SHEP is expected to produce, store and dispense green hydrogen using a 1.25MW alkaline electrolyser, while taking up less than 3,000sq. ft.

While the identity of the electrolyser manufacturer has not been officially revealed, Colorado-based Element One says it offers zero-gap alkaline systems with customer designed stacks from 50kW to 5MW.

HNIO has confirmed to H2 View, electrically will be sourced from the grid using “green tags” and the site will be operated in off-peak hours.

“Green tags enable us to get power from the gird, but indirectly source renewable energy in the regions,” the company said.

With the hydrogen produced expects to be used in multiple applications, the partners have said completion of the project is anticipated in Q2 2024.

Donald Ownes, Chairman of HNIO, said the development of the facility is a “testament” to the company’s commitment to advancing hydrogen infrastructure.

“This facility is just the beginning, as we have plans for additionally installations in 2024, 2025, and beyond, further solidifying our position as leaders in the hydrogen energy infrastructure sector,” he said.

H2 View has reached out to HNIO for confirmation on the electrolyser system, electricity sourcing and planned use-cases for the hydrogen produced.

In January (2024), HNOI said it successfully refuelled a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai using its Compact Hydrogen Refuelling Station (CHRS™) in Houston.

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