Verdagy, Permascand set to commercialise electrochemical technology for green hydrogen production

Verdagy, Permascand set to commercialise electrochemical technology for green hydrogen production

Verdagy is pushing forward with commercialisation of its novel electrochemical cell for green hydrogen production with a new letter of intent (LOI) signed with Permascand.

The group is operating a pilot plant for a novel process to produce green hydrogen at its site in Moss Landing, California.

It is hoped that together, Verdagy’s cell design and Permascand’s highly automated manufacturing and coating expertise will enable the rapid scale-up and commercialisation of Verdagy’s green hydrogen electrolyser.

Permascand is a global leader in electrochemistry, cell design and manufacturing and will use its expertise to ensure full reliability and a competitive cost base for the commercial electrolyser that is key to Verdagy’s process.

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The groups believe that the electrochemical technology will allow for the scale-up of green hydrogen production.

Verdagy has also announced Marty Neese as CEO of the group.

Dr. Ryan Gilliam, Founder and Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board of Verdagy, said, “The Verdagy technology provides the needed breakthrough in capital cost and operating cost reductions to make green hydrogen a reality.

“I am excited to welcome Marty as CEO. His decades of scale-up experience at Ballard, SunPower and Flex will insure Verdagy is successful at rapidly commercialising the technology.”

Vinod Khosla, Founder of Khosla Ventures and lead investor and backer of Verdagy, said, “We have reviewed many green hydrogen production technologies. Verdagy’s cells include a very large active area with the capability to run at high current densities and a wide dynamic operating range.

“This winning combination means each cell produces more hydrogen at lower cost than any competing technology in the market.

“The innovative design enables adoption and scale-up of green hydrogen production and the transition needed to decarbonise vast sectors of the industrial landscape.”

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