WaterstofNet to assist European hydrogen projects

WaterstofNet to assist European hydrogen projects

Belgium-based hydrogen project developer WaterstofNet has been selected to provide project development assistance to hydrogen and fuel cell projects in Texel and Flemish Limburg.

The two regions, one in the Netherlands and the other in Belgium, are among 11 EU regions and cities that have successfully applied to the Expression of Interest for project development assistance launched by the FCH JU earlier this year.

“WaterstofNet has developed a track record of more than ten years in supporting regional stakeholders in developing local initiatives into concrete projects,” said Adwin Martens, Director of WaterstofNet.

“With other renowned European hydrogen consultancy providers, WaterstofNet is using its expertise to assist ambitious EU regions and cities in the frame of the FCH JU Project Development Assistance Initiative.”

“Together, we are able to develop local hydrogen ecosystems as a breeding ground for projects and strengthen the position of Europe and the Venelux in the development of hydrogen initiatives.”

The FCH JU Project Development Assistance Initiative has attracted 35 EU regions and cities to apply for project development support. 11 EU regions and cities have been selected and are spread across 10 EU Member States.

Each location will receive support from a consortium consisting of WaterstofNet, Spilett, Element Energy, Trezors and WiseEuropa. WaterstofNet is supporting the successful applicants in the Benelux region.

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