White paper: Haskel publishes guide to the right fit in hydrogen refuelling

Haskel has published a new white paper with H2 View exploring the different technology features available with hydrogen refuelling stations, and how customers can find the right fit for their requirements.

Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are gaining momentum globally, with an increasing number of fleets being introduced, across a range of mobility applications.

Equally, the range of refuelling system technologies and choices for given applications is also proliferating. Haskel argues there are more options available than some investors realise, and many factors impact refuelling performance.

Consumers value fuelling speed, and hydrogen refuelling can take mere minutes, fitting their gasoline fuelling habits and offering a more familiar alternative to EVs. Governmental and commercial customers and system specifiers, however, have a longer list of considerations, including:

  • Maximum charge/known range
  • Importance of fill speed in their organisation/process
  • User training vs ‘fool proof’ use
  • Scheduled or ad hoc usage
  • Payment system vs user login
  • Captive or public fleet.

To help these customers hit the right balance of wants, needs and budgets, Haskel has therefore published a guide to finding the right fit in hydrogen refuelling stations.

The guide, published as part of H2 View’s brand-new White Papers platform, considers the key defining requirements of the application and use setting – and guides the user to the most appropriate refuelling solution to meet their needs. The company has itself introduced a range of different fuelling systems, all of which are explained in the white paper, along with aftermarket service and support options.

For more information and how to download the new white paper, visit https://www.h2-view.com/white-paper/white-paper-haskel-publishes-guide-to-the-right-fit-in-hydrogen-refuelling/.

New for ’22 – White Papers

Unlocked early as part of H2 View’s New for 2022 offering of platforms and services, White Papers will provide an opportunity for readers and hydrogen sector stakeholders to learn more about specific technology topics, methodologies, key considerations and some of the solutions available to meet those sector needs.

H2 View’s White Paper’s platform will also be home to market studies and reports, furthering our commitment to providing the news, views, intelligence and information that matters in the ever-growing hydrogen society.

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