Women in Hydrogen: f-cell+HFC 2020 teaser

Women in Hydrogen: f-cell+HFC 2020 teaser

Grace Quan is an active supporter of diversity and women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

As the CEO of Hydrogen in Motion, a Vancouver-based technology company developing mobile storage tanks for hydrogen fuel equipment and vehicles, she is also one of the few female and visible minority leaders in clean technology.

Quan has been the driving force behind f-cell+HFC 2020’s Women in Hydrogen Workshop, set to take place today from 3.40pm to 5pm PDT.

For the first time, f-cell+HFC will be held virtually over the next two days as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to change the world of business, and H2 View is the event’s preferred contributing media partner.

Quan will be joined by fellow female leaders in the hydrogen field: Dr. Shanna Knights, Director of Technology Collaborations at Ballard Power Systems, and Rosaline Kwan, Director General of Global Affairs Canada.

“Each panel member will spend 10 minutes talking about their organisation and role within it, how they got to this role and what gender-based challenges they have faced,” Quan told H2 View ahead of the event.

“I really wanted to talk about the primary challenges a women in hydrogen faces, based specifically on gender.”

“I’ll be asking this panel what their biggest challenge was, how they navigated through it and the best advice they’d give to someone trying to enter the field.”

Quan said the workshop was an opportunity for women to ask questions and hear some tips that can help bring their career to the next level.

f-cell+HFC 2020 starts today at 9am PDT. Follow H2 View’s live coverage on our website.

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