Woodside and KOGAS sign agreement for green hydrogen pilot project

Woodside and KOGAS sign agreement for green hydrogen pilot project

Australian LNG producer Woodside has signed an agreement with Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) to study green hydrogen. The agreement builds on the previously signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) the companies signed in mid-2018.

Woodside and KOGAS have already held a series of joint workshops investigating the potential of hydrogen as a future fuel, and the recently signed agreement further strengthens the companies’ relationship.

Following the agreement, the companies will examine the feasibility of a green hydrogen pilot project including production, storage, transportation and distribution.

“This agreement will allow us to progress our work identifying and exploring options for hydrogen production and supply chains,” said Reinhardt Matisons, Woodside’s Executive Vice-President of Marketing Trading & Shipping.

“KOGAS and Woodside have a longstanding relationship and it is fitting that we are taking steps together towards a low-carbon future.”

A KOGAS spokesperson said, “We will continue to expand the research in various fields necessary to create economic and stable hydrogen production and supply infrastructure in line with the government’s energy conversion policy and the hydrogen economy revitalisation roadmap.”

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“We are considering all options for managing and reducing emissions from our facilities, whether through changes in facility design or improving the efficiency of our operations,” said Peter Coleman, Woodside CEO.

“As Woodside heads into a growth phrase in northern Australia, we are looking to integrate renewable and gas-fired generation to power our facilities, with environmental and commercial benefits.”

“We have set up an internal business to generate and acquire quality offsets, and are pursing options including environmental planting, partnerships for savannah burning, and international opportunities.”

The agreement was signed at Gastec last week by Reinhardt Matisons, Woodside’s Executive Vice-President of Marking Trading & Shipping and Yang mi Choi, KOGAS’ Executive Vice President.

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