Wyoming Energy Authority selects projects to boost green and blue hydrogen production and use

Wyoming Energy Authority selects projects to boost green and blue hydrogen production and use

The Wyoming Energy Authority has revealed three finalists for the State of Wyoming pilot project: design and/or construction of a pilot project demonstrating green or blue hydrogen production and use.

The goal of this program is to identify actual and proposed benefits of hydrogen projects for the State of Wyoming, its residents and communities, including infrastructure development, business creation or retention, technological advances and more.

After reviewing the proposals, the selection committee is recommending three Wyoming projects to receive funding to support hydrogen production and application.

Black Hills Energy’s “Wyoming Hydrogen Demonstration Pilot Project” requests $464,923 for a feasibility study for a natural gas-fed blue hydrogen gas generator with carbon capture, a green hydrogen gas generator that is fed with renewable energy and water, and a conceptual engineering assessment.

This assessment will be focused on equipment modifications of GE LM6000 combustion turbines to accommodate blended fuel mix of hydrogen and methane.

As well as this, Jonah Energy’s “Green Hydrogen through Power to Gas Study” is also being supported with $20,000 for a plan in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to create green hydrogen and renewable gas through biomethanation.

The final project is Williams Companies’ “Williams Southwest Wyoming Hydrogen Hub” that will receive $997,734 for a feasibility study in partnership with the University of Wyoming to evaluate water access and compatibility as well as asset integrity in support of green hydrogen production and transport in the vicinity of Wamsutter and Opal.

These projects will help ramp up the application of hydrogen.

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