ZeroAvia hydrogen flights could be powered by Hyzon Motor technology
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ZeroAvia hydrogen flights could be powered by Hyzon Motor technology

ZeroAvia’s hydrogen flights could soon be powered by Hyzon Motors’ fuel cell technology.

In a move that sees a hydrogen truck specialist meet hydrogen aviation, the duo on Monday (September 6) inked an agreement that will see ZeroAvia consider Hyzon technology.

Hyzon’s Gen3 fuel cell stack is the technology in focus here, a technology that achieves a volumetric power density above 6kW/litre – a perfect match for the aviation industry.

Such high-power density is achieved through a combination of technologies in the bipolar plate and membrane electrode assembly (MEA), the heart of a fuel cell.

On the news, Val Miftakhov, founder and CEO of ZeroAvia, said, “Hydrogen provides three times higher specific energy content compared to jet fuel, and is over 100 times higher than the best batteries today, making it the only viable option for large scale zero-emission aircraft.

“We are always interested in exploring new technologies for our powertrains, and we look forward to seeing how Hyzon fuel cell stacks perform in the demanding aviation applications.”

Craig Knight, CEO of Hyzon, added, “The fuel cell stack doesn’t care what it powers. Whether it’s in an 18-wheeler, crane, train or airplane, the fuel cells operate much the same way very much.

“Aviation is clearly in need of viable zero emission solutions, and hydrogen propulsion via fuel cells offers some unique characteristics to address this significant contributor to global air emissions.”

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