ZeroAvia receives financial boost from the State of Washington for research and development facility for hydrogen-electric aviation
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ZeroAvia receives financial boost from the State of Washington for research and development facility for hydrogen-electric aviation

ZeroAvia has received a boost today (Jan 10) to its hydrogen-electric aircraft programme with the Washington State Department of Commerce awarding $350,000 to transition a warehouse into a research and development space.

Set to be situated in Paine Field, Snohomish County, the new research and development space will enable ZeroAvia to continuously explore the use of hydrogen-electric flight systems for the aviation market.

This will provide a new avenue to decarbonise a major polluting sector and enable sustainable flight in the process.

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At this county-owned site in Everett, the company said it will leverage its $5.5m refurbishment budget to occupy facilities and prepare the site for their launch team of 20 design and software engineers.

This will support important strands in the development of the ZA2000 powertrain for a De Havilland DHC-8-400 (Q400) aircraft in conjunction with Alaska Airlines.

Reported by H2 View in 2021, the companies will develop a 3MW+ hydrogen-electric powertrain system to be incorporated into a 76-seater regional aircraft.

The hydrogen-electric powertrain will be implemented into a De Havilland DHC-8-400 (Q400) aircraft as Alaskan Air looks to bolster is zero-emission portfolio by exploring new, innovative technologies such as hydrogen.

Governor Jay Inslee said, “Our state’s clean energy and clean aviation future just got stronger.

“This project is an important part of Snohomish County’s continuing efforts to maintain a competitive edge and strengthen the community with good jobs in the aerospace industry of the future. It enables advances in manufacturing and exploring opportunities for cleaner aircraft fuel.”

Val Miftakhov, founder of ZeroAvia, said, “Paine Field was an obvious choice for us. Working from this location, ZeroAvia is well positioned among one of the most talented aerospace and clean energy communities worldwide.

“We conducted a national search to locate our third R&D site. Given the age of the facility we will be occupying, this grant closed a gap related to facility construction and we are excited to engage in this community.”

Exclusive: ZeroAvia to have first hydrogen-electric aircraft in commercial operation by 2023

“In three years’ time, we are going to have in commercial operation the first aircraft powered by hydrogen-electric engines, and you will be able to buy a ticket to one of your favourite destinations.”

That’s what ZeroAvia founder and CEO Dr. Val Mifthakov told viewers watching the final instalment of H2 View’s three-part series of webinars, powered by gasworld TV, and hosted by H2 View’s Managing Editor Rob Cockerill, today.

Founded in 2017, ZeroAvia is currently developing a new type of engine based on hydrogen fuel cells that aims to transform the highly pollutant aerospace industry into a cleaner sector.

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