Corporate Subscription

Why a corporate subscription?

At H2 View, we pride ourselves on our breaking news stories, insightful comment and analysis, value-added interviews and features, and thought-provoking opinion commentaries.

We are dedicated to bringing you the quality coverage you will come to expect of H2 View, at a time when the Hydrogen Economy faces arguably its biggest challenges as it continues to grow and evolve its very definition.

Key Benefits:

Strengthen relationships with stakeholders, clients and prospects – The whole company can stay up to date with the latest mergers and acquisitions, understand market developments, and identify opportunities as they happen

Gain a competitive edge – Keep your workforce up to date with market information, business insights and data analysis, helping your organisation stay ahead of the competition

Invaluable information for all sectors of the business – Leading the way for industrial gas news, H2-View can deliver you breaking news as it happens along with insights into the biggest companies and global markets

Corporate offer

  • Will save the company $100’s to $1000’s dependant on your choice
  • Keeps your workforce abreast of mergers and acquisitions
  • The very latest news and technology updates, market intelligence, interviews and hot topics from across the global market
  • Tailored to suit your company needs
  • Easily maintainable subscriber list – assisting admin and finance
  • Choice of either Print or Online
  • Can provide opportunities to your sales teams
  • Saves the company man hours having to process individual invoices and PO orders
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access
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