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Together with about 100 group companies in Japan and overseas, Kawasaki Heavy Industries oversees the formation of a “technology corporate group.” Our technological capabilities, polished over a history that exceeds a century, send diverse products forth into wide-ranging fields that go beyond land, sea, and air, extending from the ocean depths to space. Our aerospace division is active in products ranging from aircraft to satellites. The products that our rolling stock division delivers to the world include Shinkansen and New York subway cars, while our ship and offshore structure division’s products range from gas carriers and large tankers to submarines, and our energy solutions division covers the spectrum from development and manufacture of energy equipment to management systems. We are also active in wide-ranging businesses driven by diverse and high-level engineering technologies, including environmental and recycling plants, industrial plants, precision machinery, industrial robots, and infrastructure equipment. Finally, we operate our leisure and power products business that features the motorcycles known as the Kawasaki brand. Through the development of unique and broad businesses unmatched elsewhere, we will continue to create new values that solve the issues facing our customers and society.

Kawasaki: A Corporate Group that Aptly Evaluates Social Needs and Swiftly Accommodates Changes

The world is currently undergoing a major paradigm shift driven by an array of factors. These include an increased risk of environmental deterioration due to rapid industrial development and population expansion in emerging economies, shrinking workforces as a result of “graying” societies in developed nations, progressing globalization propelled by growing air travel and logistics networks, and even more widespread use of the Internet. In addition, we are severely affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Such significant changes have compelled us to reassess our lifestyles, the way we do business, and the values with which we have been living.

Since its incorporation in 1896, for more than 120 years, the Kawasaki Group has been developing sophisticated technologies and generating knowledge used for manufacturing products that encompass the land, sea, and air sectors. Accommodating to the changing times, and with an unswerving determination to provide products and services that best serve the diverse needs of people around the world, we create value for our customers through our cutting-edge technologies. This commitment serves our mission to broaden the potential of our customers and society and ultimately to fulfill our Group mission: “Kawasaki, working as one for the good of the planet.”

In order to keep abreast of social needs and resolve challenges in response to the expectations and confidence that our customers have placed in us, we consider it imperative to rapidly accommodate changes in the times and to develop more products and services with added value for our customers. We therefore set “Trustworthy Solutions for the Future” as our vision to be achieved by 2030. This vision expresses our commitment to “making available in a timely manner innovative solutions which accommodate an ever-changing society in order to create a hopeful future” and “acting without organizational and divisional boundaries and taking up challenges to expand the horizons of our potential for further growth.”

Our approach of always collaborating with our customers to devise solutions and implementing them speedily serves our corporate message : “Changing Forward.” Moreover, by expanding our global business and continuing to grow, while ensuring compliance with the law and implementing Group-wide social responsibility activities, Kawasaki aspires to be a company that is even more trusted by people around the world.

Kawasaki established the Kawasaki Group’s new vision statement, describing what the Group envisions becoming in 10 years ― “Group Vision 2030: Trustworthy Solutions for the Future.”

In order to provide solutions for social issues, our Group will focus on three fields; “A Safe and Secure Remotely-Connected Society”, “Near-Future Mobility” and “Energy and Environmental Solutions” and will transform our business structure into a form which promises faster growth in line with environmental changes.

The Group Vision 2030 will indicate the direction to achieve such challenge of the Group, that is to make available — in a timely manner — innovative solutions which accommodate an ever-changing society in order to create a hopeful future, as well as acting outside of organizational and divisional boundaries and taking up challenges to expand the horizons of its potential for further growth.

The following are the three key themes that drive the Group’s efforts to fulfill Group Vision 2030:

Pioneering the technology frontier with our challenger “DNA”
Since our founding, we have always been challengers. Throughout a history studded with world’s-first and Japan’s-first achievements in many sectors, including shipbuilding, rolling stock, and aerospace, we have been leveraging our cutting-edge technologies and fostering a “DNA” characterized by the spirit of pioneering the frontier which draws on our unique perspective. We will continue to respond to the frontier of the new era’ s social challenges, based on that unique perspective, in order to create a hopeful future.

Providing innovative solutions to the problems facing the world
The world is now facing an array of problems, including environmental deterioration, energy challenges, expanding populations, graying societies, natural disasters, and pandemics.
We are committed to providing solutions with new and high added-value to a wide range of customers and society, by concentrating the trustworthy technologies and knowledge that we have been building in order to provide innovative solutions and to speedily accommodate social change.

Becoming a creative challenger that continues to grow by breaking barriers
To provide innovative solutions focused on social challenges, we will continue to be an open-minded, free-thinking, and creative team that goes beyond the boundaries of internal and external organizations and of product/service categories, leveraging our rich diversity. Moreover, we will keep growing as an organization and as individuals by expanding our potential, through boldly taking up challenges in unfamiliar domains and learning from the experience.

The Kawasaki Group positions these key themes as important focuses of its business activities, as well as objectives toward which all Group employees must be working in their operations. By doing so, the Group demonstrates its commitment to accelerating its effort to fulfill Group Vision 2030.

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