Elogen signs new collaboration agreement to expand water electrolysis technology for hydrogen

Elogen signs new collaboration agreement to expand water electrolysis technology for hydrogen

A new collaboration agreement signed between Elogen and the Université Paris-Saclay aims to expand development in the field of PEM water electrolysis and strengthen the production of low-carbon hydrogen.

The agreement will mark a new chapter in the partnership between the two companies with ambitions to extend further into the hydrogen market and support the wider energy transition to cleaner alternatives.

Water electrolysis provides a unique method in creating a renewable energy with low carbon emissions, with an abundance of water, hydrogen can be produced and help reach the rising demand for hydrogen for the future.

The research collaboration will take shape through projects for students at Université Paris-Saclay, through a shared access to the parties’ research and development materials and through joint participation in doctoral research programs funded by the French National Association for Research and Technology (ANRT).

Jean-Baptiste Choimet, Managing Director of Elogen, said, “We are delighted with this new step in our historic partnership with Université Paris-Saclay. Elogen has several alumni among its teams, in particular its Innovation Director, Pierre Millet, who was a professor at the University, and researcher at ICMMO (CNRS/UPSaclay).

“Université Paris-Saclay is at the forefront of global research and has recognised expertise in the field of chemical and electrochemical processes, and more specifically in materials science and the field of electro-catalysis.

“This expertise will complement that of Elogen’s R&D teams, pushing back technological frontiers and accelerating the optimisation of PEM electrolysers’ efficiency. The efficiency of electrolysers is an essential parameter at a time when the drop in the cost of producing hydrogen has become critical to allow for the growth of the hydrogen sector in France and Europe.”

Sylvie Retailleau, President of Université Paris-Saclay, said, “This collaboration with Elogen perfectly illustrates the University’s desire to work with businesses to contribute to the socio-economic challenges of our time, and in this case, to low-carbon hydrogen production.

“The expertise of our researchers, as well as the cutting-edge characterisation tools available at the ICMMO experimental platform, should allow for major advances, as part of a long-term relationship built on trust.

“This partnership will also contribute to the education of our students, by facing them with the scientific and technical questions of the large-scale application of PEM electrolysis.”

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