AFC Energy develops Anionic Exchange Membrane

AFC Energy develops Anionic Exchange Membrane

AFC Energy, a provider of hydrogen power generation technologies, has progressed in its AlkaMem™ anionic exchange membrane development programme.

The UK-based company’s new HydroX-Cell(S)™ fuel cell platform is an anionic exchange membrane, AlkaMem™, featuring a solid membrane which offers a lower grade, lower cost, hydrogen source.

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The technology was validated and tested at Industrie De Nora S.p.A research facilities in Japan earlier this year in an Alkaline Water Electrolysis application.

Commenting on the testing, Christine Urgeghe, Chief Technical Officer at De Nora, said, “A highly conductive and stable anionic exchange membrane opens up an array of technologies which De Nora current have under development.”

“Based on internal De Nora testing standards, the AlkaMem™ membrane technology exceeded internal expectations and has demonstrated the ability to offer significantly lower voltage drop when compared to widely implemented industry standard diaphragms.”

The AlkaMem™ membrane will be available in three different thicknesses for the needs of different applications. With a prototype membrane manufacturing capability in Surrey, AFC Energy will now continue initial integration testing and development with the HydroX-Cell(S)™ fuel cell programme.

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