AFC Energy launches new website

AFC Energy launches new website

Industrial fuel cell power company AFC Energy has launched its brand-new website in preparation for commercialisation later this year.

The new website sees the focus of the company’s online presence shift from information on research and development to details about products, information on technology applications, and news about partners and imminent commercialisation.

“This shift follows the recent unveiling of the branding for AFC Energy’s inaugural range of products, the HydroX-Cell (L)TM and HydroX-Cell (S)TM fuel cell technologies and its proprietary anionic exchange membrane, AlkaMemTM,” AFC Energy tells H2 View.

AFC Energy unveils new product lines

“The AFC Energy digital refresh is part of a number of announcements this year leading up to product commercialisation in quarter four 2019.”

“From a shareholder perspective too, anticipation for the new website has been incredibly high. AFC Energy has been one of the top share price rises on AIM for the past three days and has already seen close to a 20% rise on the news of the new website.”

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