Brussels to add a new hydrogen bus to its roads
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Brussels to add a new hydrogen bus to its roads

A new hydrogen-powered bus has been delivered to Brussels public transport company STIB-MIVB to decarbonise the road mobility sector.

Powered by Worthington Industries’ hydrogen cylinders, Belgian bus maker Van Hool delivered the 12-metre-long bus which is now set to be trialled through a series of test over the coming years to test its suitability.

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The bus also has a max tank capacity of 39kg of hydrogen with the A330 model bus now able to carry out a full day’s schedule covering 400km.

The fuelling system consists of five aluminium, carbon-fibre-wrapped type 3 cylinders in addition to piping, gas-street components and valves, which have all been mounted on a 100% aluminium frame.

Currently, 162 Van Hool hydrogen buses are currently in operation on two continents as it continues to push for greener, more sustainable solutions.

Filip Van Hool, CEO of Van Hool, said, “We now have Van Hool hydrogen buses operating in almost every country in Western Europe and North America.

“The interest in hydrogen zero emission public transport rises exponentially in our neighbouring countries.

“Here at Van Hool, we are making every effort to work closely with STIB-MIVB on this comprehensive and detailed research project.”

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