DGA welcomes Clarke Energy to advisory board; supports all colour hydrogen markets

DGA welcomes Clarke Energy to advisory board; supports all colour hydrogen markets

The Decarbonised Gas Alliance has welcomed Clarke Energy onto its advisory board with the group offers a unique perspective to decarbonised gas markets including green, blue and other colours of hydrogen from biomass and plastics.

Revealed today (July 21) Clarke Energy will join the other advisory board members that are working to shape the agenda and work with the UK Government to create a deliverable pathway to a net zero energy system.

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Clarke Energy joins the other advisory board members include: Costain, Peel, Johnson Matthey, Shell, Oil & Gas UK, DNV and the Energy Networks Association.

The development of attractive market structures will be critically important in stimulating and underpinning decarbonised gas demand and supply side investment opportunity.

Alex Marshall, Director at Clarke Energy, said, “Hydrogen and biomethane have the potential to support global decarbonisation and the transition to net zero.

“As a supplier of high efficiency gas engines and biogas upgrading technology, we decided to join the DGA as they are leading organisation representing industry in the UK’s push to decarbonise gas networks.”

Chris Barron, Chair of the DGA and Costain Director of Gas Networks and Storage, said, “It’s fantastic that Clarke Energy values the work the DGA does and has committed to be an integral part of influencing government on the policy landscape as well as helping shape the future of the gas system.

“The DGA’s aim is to articulate a shared view on how decarbonised gas of all types can help the UK reach net zero effectively by both retaining funding for existing projects whilst shaping the future of the decarbonised gas industry.”

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