Doosan Mobility, Airon to expand hydrogen drone market
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Doosan Mobility, Airon to expand hydrogen drone market

Hydrogen drones are at the heart of a new agreement between Doosan Mobility Innovation and Airon that will see the drones used for vaccines, logistics deliveries and surveying to expand the market.

With a memorandum of understanding (MoU) revealed today (Sept 9), the two companies will jointly work on projects that enhance the usage of hydrogen drones for various applications.

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This could see hydrogen drones used in delivery logistics as well as surveys and patrols due to the hydrogen drones being capable of travelling for extended periods of time.

Both of the companies plan to develop a systematic and professional maintenance management service that will help the growth of the hydrogen drones’ market to enhance the customer experience and usability.

This will see training in hydrogen drone piloting in addition to maintenance.

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