Genevos to provide marine-based hydrogen fuel cells for Orkney-based RoRo ferry
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Genevos to provide marine-based hydrogen fuel cells for Orkney-based RoRo ferry

As part of a £2.2m ($2.93) deal revealed today (Nov 25), Genevos will provide a marine-based hydrogen fuel cell to power a zero-emission RoRo ferry based in Orkney, Scotland.

Being led by EMEC Hydrogen, the seven-month project will include a range of different applications within the sphere of hydrogen such as storage, the supply of on-board auxiliary power using hydrogen fuel cells, and also the use of hydrogen in a conventional ferry propulsion engine.

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Genevos had been chosen by EMEC Hydrogen to supply one of the company’s recently launched Hydrogen Power Modules (HPMs), which will be installed for demonstration purposes on the deck of an Orkney Ferries RoRo ferry, the MV Shapinsay.

The HPM was selected primarily due to its ‘plug and play’ marinised concept, integrating both fuel cell systems and power management.

Phil Sharp, CTO of Genevos, said, “It is an exciting opportunity to be working with EMEC, one of the world’s renowned clean-energy R&D centres, to demonstrate the potential of hydrogen fuel cells as a zero emissions solution for ferries.

“Hydrogen has been identified as a vital clean fuel for decarbonising vessels and HIMET is a valuable project that is taking immediate action to help address net-zero solutions and accelerate this vital clean energy transition.”

James Walker, EMEC’s Hydrogen Development Manager, said, “We are pleased to be working with Genevos as it is important that we demonstrate green hydrogen innovations that are coming forward to provide solutions for hard to decarbonise sectors.

“EMEC foresees significant opportunities in maritime innovation, with hydrogen and hydrogen derivative fuels expected to play a vital role in decarbonising the sector.

“Building on the knowledge and experience from various green hydrogen projects that have instigated the development of a hydrogen economy locally, the HIMET project will showcase emerging and innovative technologies which will help pave the way to decarbonising maritime activities.

“While the project will focus on addressing challenges in the Orkney context, we believe our findings will be applicable to all island and coastal environments where vessels provide vital lifeline services.”

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