H2X Global to expand mobility portfolio with new hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle
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H2X Global to expand mobility portfolio with new hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle

H2X Global intends to launch the company’s hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle the “Warrego” in November 2021.

Revealed today (September 1), H2X Global will unveil the hydrogen powered vehicle at its global launch in November 2021 with the delivery of orders slated for April 2022.

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The Warrego features a 200KW motor system, 66KW and optional 90KW fuel cell systems in addition to a 60KW to 100KW output Energy Storage Systems between battery and super capacitor units.

Another standout feature of the hydrogen vehicle is that has a 500km driving range whilst boasting a refuelling time of between three to five minutes.

The Warrego also utilises the unique H2X hybrid fuel cell system which allows the vehicle to run on pure hydrogen which drastically reduces refuelling times and increases driving range and hydrogen efficiency.

Brendan Norman, CEO of H2X Global said, “H2X works with hydrogen infrastructure providers and forward-thinking industries to establish ecosystems which are cost effective from the start, where we look to offer multiple applications of vehicles to make it easy to reach a critical mass in one location.

“This supports not only the refuelling exercise, but also allows us to establish high-quality after sales operations in all locations where our customers will be using hydrogen.

“Hydrogen ecosystems deliver opportunities for a wide range of products to be delivered quickly – our products focus on this market.”

H2X using its technology to revolutionise the automotive industry

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The team at H2X has been building one of Australia’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) manufacturing companies. With a track record of having already delivered several thousand of these emission-free machines on the road, this group of trailblazers is set to help Australia decarbonise the automotive industry and disrupt the market through cutting-edge technology.

H2X’s team of internationally recognised experts have a proven track record developing and producing hydrogen vehicles on a commercial scale. So far, the team have already created an ecosystem poised to provide Australia with a new and vibrant, internationally competitive industry.

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