Intercontinental Energy expands team to support large-scale hydrogen and renewable energy projects

Intercontinental Energy expands team to support large-scale hydrogen and renewable energy projects

InterContinental Energy has successfully recruited four new senior staff members to support hydrogen projects, with skills including specialist engineering, renewable energy and zero-carbon fuels, the renewable energy project developer announced on Wednesday (7th April).

The new team members are expected to support several of the company’s large-scale hydrogen projects, including the Asian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH) in the Pibara, Australia.

As H2 View reported in October 2020, AREH will generate 26GW of renewable wind and solar generation, providing energy to service industries in the Pilbara and providing markets in Asia with green hydrogen and ammonia.

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Up to 3,000MW of generation capacity will be dedicated to large energy users in the Pilbara region, which could include new and expanded mines and downstream mineral processing.

The bulk of the energy will be used for large-scale production of green hydrogen and green ammonia products for export markets.

The project land boundary encompasses almost 6,600km2 of land in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia, although the actual infrastructure footprint will be less than 5% – meaning 95% of the site will remain untouched.

Outstanding and complimentary wind and solar resource, combined with the large project scale, will result in very competitively priced renewable energy with a high-capacity factor.

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These four new hires further strengthen the senior team at InterContinental Energy which already has extensive experience in renewable energy and fuels project development as well as operational, project finance, and commercial partnership expertise.

In addition to this, the new members will help with several projects that allow the production of renewable fuels, such as green hydrogen and green ammonia, at a scale that becomes cost competitive with fossil fuels.

Alexander Tancock, co-founder and Managing Director of InterContinental Energy, said, “We have been privileged to assemble this team of world leading experts to help deliver our vision of deploying clean energy projects at massive scale around the world.”

This allows InterContinental Energy to further deliver on its previously outlined renewable energy revolution strategy beyond green electricity and into green fuels.

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